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Home AV and security installations

You've got an idea of what that entertainment suite or security setup looks like. But what equipment would be best? How should it be set up? And ideally you want all the cabling safely hidden away too. It calls for an expert team and our engineers at Av4You in London are some of the best in the area. Get in touch to enquire.

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Audio visual installations

When it comes to AV setups, we provide a comprehensive solution that takes into account the selection of suitable pieces of AV equipment as well as the design and installation of your overall AV system. It's an entirely bespoke solution - tailored to your specifications and your budget - and covers a range of elements, including speakers, flat screens, lighting and even full smart home automation. From watching the latest blockbuster to tuning into that live concert, we can promise an optimal audio visual experience that makes the best use of your property's unique architecture and acoustics. We just need to hear about you and what you want your system to provide and we'll work from there.

Security technology

It's not just AV when it comes to Av4You. We can also provide a near-full suite of security technology so that your home has the right protections in place. From alarm installations to the deployment of CCTV cameras, we can give you the eyes and ears you need to help make your home a deterrent in of itself. Just get in touch, let us know what you're looking to put in place and we can provide the solution for you.

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Why our AV and security engineers?

Whether it's AV or security, your home or your business, we take care to deliver a bespoke solution so you get the system that works best for you and your property. Given our ratings on Checkatrade, you can count on us to deliver the results you're looking to see and the service itself will be in full accordance with applicable COVID-19 safety guidelines. With 8 years in the business and given that we're fully insured too, you're not taking a chance with Av4You.

Our AV and security service covers:

  • Sound and visual setups

  • Lighting

  • Networking

  • Wi-Fi optimisation

  • Cabling

  • Access control

  • Alarms

  • CCTV

  • Monitoring and maintenance

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Get the right AV or security setup for your home with Av4You. Call 07838 811227!


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